1. Shelby Moser
    University of Kent
  2. Ryan Paul Doran
    University of Sheffield

Editorial Board
  1. Dr James Grant
    Oxford University
  2. Dr John Holbo
    National University of Singapore
  3. Dr Dylan Trigg
    Centre de Recherche en Épistémologie Appliquée
  4. Dr Eileen John
    University of Warwick
  5. Dr Aaron Meskin
    University of Leeds
  6. Dr Mahlet Getachew Zimeta
    Roehampton University

Past Editors
  1. Maarten Steenhagen
    University College London
  2. Al Baker
    University of Sheffield
  3. Christopher Bartel
  4. Neil Dillon
  5. Louise Hanson
  6. Dan Cavedon-Taylor
  7. Vid Simoniti

About the Journal

The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for high quality articles, interviews and book reviews in philosophical aesthetics. Published by the British Society of Aesthetics, it offers postgraduates and professional philosophers a space to exchange ideas, and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

The journal will be published biannually. Articles are invited from postgraduate students and professional philosophers alike on any topic in aesthetics. The journal wishes to encourage a wide construal of the study of aesthetics to include papers from analytic, continental or historical points of view. Articles should be of a standard commensurate with excellent postgraduate work.

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Articles are invited from postgraduate students and professional philosophers on any topic in philosophical aesthetics, within analytic, continental and historical approaches. Articles should be roughly 3000-3500 words. Authors are advised to write concise articles, with clearly stated aims and tightly controlled arguments. Articles should be of a standard commensurate with excellent postgraduate level work. Authors are also asked to clarify any specific terminology employed and to avoid lengthy footnotes. Book reviews of recently published volumes in relevant fields are also welcomed as are proposals for interviews.

Articles are accepted and assessed on a rolling basis, and will be published in the next available issue. Where articles require re-submission or revisions, articles may need to be published in a later issue. Calls for special issues can be found on the journals news page, and will also be disseminated via relevant distribution lists. Instructions for submissions can be found here. Those interested in writing a book review or conducting an interview for the journal are encouraged to contact the editors.

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